What is 100% juice?

The title "100% Juice" on the packaging indicates that the product contains real fruit, berry or vegetable juice without any additional additives. It's made from real fruits using modern technologies that ensure their naturalness for a long time without enhancers and preservatives. This enables the juice to retain all of it’s valuable real fruit properties.

Juice is a vitamin source!

Natural fruit, berry and vegetable juices contain many vitamins and minerals necessary for the body: vitamins C and A, vitamins B (B, B1, B2, B6, folic acid), biotin or "beauty vitamin", vitamins P and E, calcium, potassium , Magnesium, selenium, iron, phosphorus, as well as other valuable substances - antioxidants and beta-carotene. In order to strengthen our body and provide valuable nutrients, nutritionists recommend drinking a glass of juice every day.

Sugar is the natural fruit sugars only!

No secrets! The sweet taste of 100% natural juices available in the stores provides the natural sugars contained in juice from real fruits - fructose and glucose. The more ripe the fruit, the sweeter it is, so the more sweet is juice. In the process of production, no added sugar is put-in to the juice.

Manufactured from concentrated juice.

The juices purchased in stores are made from concentrated juice (juice concentrate), keeping valuable nutrients of the fruit - minerals, vitamins, carbohydrates, antioxidants, and others. Concentrated juices are made from ripe and whole fruits harvested in their region of origin. The advantages of such a thechnology is transportation opportunities to any country in the world. Cido juices are made from fruits harvested at their major places of origin - Cuba, Brazil, Israel, Spain and Poland. Concentrated juices make it possible to provide a variety of flavors of fruits that are not found in our region such as oranges, pineapples, grapes, peaches, mangoes, and other delicious fruits and vegetables.

In fruit growth places watter is divided from the best fruits
That is juice concentrate
Juice concentrate is easily transported to factory
It still contains the best fruit value
In factory they add the extracted water to the juice
Juice is poured into packets and taken to stores

Why it stays fresh so long?

The juice remains fresh for a long time thanks to the unique filling technology and TETRA PAK carton pack. Before packing the juices are heated to a high temperature (average ~85o) to remove bacteria that can cause the spoilage of the product. The process is similar to preservation of the products for winter at home. The juice then is filled in a sterile environment with no access for the air and packed in TETRA PAK packs. As the pack has several layers - cardboard, aluminum, polytene - the product is protected from light and air negative effects. Thus, the product remains fresh for a longer time, it is not spoiled and preservatives are not added.”

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